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Electric Motorcycles

Deco Green Energy is a Thai electric vehicle manufacturer and distributor that produces both vehicle and it components. We aimto produce 2-wheeled motorcycles, 3-wheeled motorcycles, trolleys, and agricultural vehicles.


Electric motorcycles help reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, a major cause of global warming. It absolutely helps keeping the air fresh in the city and reducing the air pollution.

Cost Saving

Using electricity instead of oil can save money in the pocket of the user. Most of motorcycle owners use it for about 20-50 kilometres a day. The fuel cost is about 210-525 baht per week. Meanwhile, the electric motorcycle cost only 1 in 10 of fuel (22-52 baht). In one year, you can save up to 17,000 baht.

High security

The severity of the accident depends on the speed of the vehicle. Electric motorcycles will help reduce accidents in the road as well. The speed of electric motorcycles is fit for the city rush. The vehicle is also available to ride in the rain with is waterproof motor.

Less maintenance fees

It also saves maintenance cost; as there is no need to change gear oil, belt drive, etc. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance cost. Only battery that is needed to be replaced every 3-5 years due to it lifespan.

Can now be registered

Now you can register Deco electric motorcycle so you can be confident that you can ride it legally on the road like regular vehicles.

Electric Motorcycle Models

Choose your motorcycle style.

Our products come in a variety of designs and colors in style.

Join with us

We are currently seeking dealers in Thailand and its neighboring countries. The opportunity is yours! Join us to expand the electric motorcycle market which is highly likely to be popular in the very near future.

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Parts and Service

Be confident with our after-sales service team with the highly experienced technicians and the availability of lithium batteries and all OEM parts to help ensure your vehicle rereives rapid and accurate service.

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